Profit Mentor by Pat Robertson [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

by Pat Robertson

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Profit Mentor :What It Takes To Be A Mentor For A Profitable BusinessSomeone suggests you become a mentor. Most likely this happens because you helped them with the right information at the right time delivered in a manner they could understand well enough to use. I’m not ready”, you think. “I need to become a top Guru first.” Well, yes and no. You probably aren’t going to get too far setting up your “Hey, I’m A Mentor!” shingle if you’re brand new to internet marketing but you certainly don’t have to be a top gun earning a six-figure income to offer your services, either! The truth is, you just have to know more than the person you are mentoring. Get all the info you need here.Normally $19.99, Download today for just $2.99!

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