Tales from the Hotel Bentmoore #3 by Shelby Cross [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

by Shelby Cross

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Release date 01.03.2011
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There are three simple rules at the Hotel Bentmoore.All communication between host and guest outside of the activity rooms must go through the liaison; hotel staff (excluding hosts) must address all guests as “Sir” or “Ma’am” at all times; and no guest may leave his or her activity room until the host allows it.

The Hotel Bentmoore.Where anonymity, secrecy, and above all else, ultimate carnal pleasure, are guaranteed.

Story #3: Audra and Mark were a happily married couple…until Audra had an affair with another woman.Now it is up to Mr. Dean to help Mark punish his wife with the proper severity, while also showing him that his wife’s fantasies are nothing to shy away from.

Warning: Short story, including heavy BDSM, figging with ginger, spanking, anal play, and F/F scene

Cover by: Glendon Haddix, streetlightgraphics.com
Formatting by: Rob Siders, 52novels.com

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