Higurashi When They Cry by Ryukishi07 [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

by Ryukishi07

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FormatPaperback, PDFEn
PublisherYen Press
File size5.5 Mb
GanreSequential Art
Release date 01.02.2009
Pages count240
Book rating4.34 (451 votes)

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Up until now, Keiichi's been having the time of his life with his new friends in Hinamizawa. But when their good-natured pranks take a deadly turn, Keiichi grows more and more suspicious about their involvement with the so-called "Oyashiro-sama's Curse." Turning to Ooishi-san for reassurance only confirms Keiichi's worst fears as dark secrets about Rena's past are revealed. Is it just his imagination? Or do his friends really mean to kill him?

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