Taya Bayliss - Snake Charmer by E.J. Gore [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

by E.J. Gore

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Release date 07.09.2014
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This is the fourth in the collection of Taya Bayliss mysteries for young readers. A weekend spent at the Comino farm turns out to be far more scary than Taya has expected. While planning a joint birthday party, she and her friend, Chris, find some interesting items in the attic, including a carpet python. Snakes are definitely not Taya's favourite creatures. Taya thinks one of the items she has found could prove the innocence of Uncle George Comino who is in jail for theft. Her persistence annoys Chris, but the hint of a mystery is irresistible for Taya. If George did't take the ruby cross, who did? Who is Bryan? Where is the cross now? In the spirit of Enid Blyton's 'Famous Five', Taya and Chris use their quick wits and keen observational skills to put the clues together. Taya has to face one of her greatest fears before this mystery is solved. Could you charm a snake?

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