Hip Flask by Richard Starkings [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

by Richard Starkings

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FormatHardcover, PDFEn
PublisherImage Comics
File size2.3 Mb
GanreSequential Art
Release date 01.04.2007
Pages count79
Book rating4.21 (34 votes)

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2162: They are the survivors of genetic engineering experiments and indoctrination by Doctor Kazushi Nikken and MAPPO, a sinister organization which sought to create superhuman weapons of mass destruction. Now, freed and rehabilitated by the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, the "Unhumans" now live amongst men. Legitimized by the Elephantmen Act, they are nevertheless denied the right to bear arms and must survive on their wits alone... Collecting Hip Flask: Elephantmen and Hip Flask: Mystery City into one handsome volume.

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