Flyfishing with MacQuarrie by Gordon MacQuarrie [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

by Gordon MacQuarrie

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Release date 01.04.1995
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A few decades back there lived a cadre of men who nurtured and advanced the art of fishing with the fly. They covered their skin with citronella oil to fend off mosquitoes and black flies. They kept their cat-gut leaders soaked in water to make them pliable. They wrote about fly fishing and they went by names like Haig-Brown, Wulff, Traver, Maclean and MacQuarrie. Of them all, Gordon MacQuarrie may be least known as a fly-fishing author. Like them, however, he was a master story-teller as well as an accomplished fly fishermen.
— MacQuarrie did not scribe "how-to" articles. Instead, he drew the reader into streamside angling ventures, telling an absorbing but instructive story as he did so, always in a light-hearted style.
— Here now, gathered for the first time, are Gordon MacQuarrie's timeless stories of angling for browns, brooks, and rainbows. Sixteen stories that, after you've read them, will make you realize why this mischievous little Irishman — "The Bard of the Brule" — is good company to the Haig-Browns, Wullfs, Travers, and Macleans of angling literature."The late Gordon MacQuarrie was one of the best of the old fly fishers and storytellers. This collection includes timeless outdoor tales that are short but sweet". — Cleveland Plain Dealer

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