The Story Of Ick by Fred Gwynne [epub, pdf, doc, kindle]

by Fred Gwynne

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oh. my. god. ohmygodohmygodohmygod.THIS IS THE BOOK.I have been looking for it for years and years.I was very young when I read it and it was so grim, desolate and haunting it really stuck with me.

A lonely little boy wanders along a bleak and deserted beach littered with trash and finds an amorphic creature (perhaps made of pollution and trash? In my mind he was, at any rate.) He names the creature "Ick" and tries to play with it.Ick takes him home to meet his family.I remember it having a sad and somber tone, both the illustrations and the story, which to a young me had a confusing message:pollution is bad, but it creates friendly monsters, which could be fun, but the monsters are lonely and sad, so I feel bad for them.

I can't believe I found it.And wow, I never knew it was written by Herman Munster! I loved using Fred Gwynne's picture books for storytime when I was a children's librarian in the 90s.I had no idea he also wrote the Ick book I'd been searching for the whole time.

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